@piggo Speaking of anise, I make this now and then and it's a great use for it. I'll generally toss in all the leaves too even though it doesn't call for it https://www.seriouseats.com/2013/08/beet-lentil-salad-feta-eggs-recipe-vegetarian.html
@pulledfromthewater I don't think fennel = anise? I have fennel sends and aniseeds as spice and they're a little different

@piggo @pulledfromthewater I work in produce and fennel is in our system as "fennel (anise)", but I also don't think those are the same thing

@pulledfromthewater @proto it's probably just a Czech word but we call "star anise" badyan. but you can also buy anise seeds and they look like fennel seeds but aren't the same taste at all
@proto @piggo Oh what the heck, they are slightly different plants. My back
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