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single payer healthcare is when one person (i.e. Bernie Sanders) pays for everyone’s healthcare

I don't think I realized that Big Brother and MTV's Real World aren't the same thing.

Like, they are the same thing, but they're completely unrelated productions somehow?

No wonder everyone stopped watching TV

reasons yoko taro should make final fantasy 16:

- knows how 2 budget, made a game out of lint and a rock
- hates his job, will try to get it done as quickly as possible
- the moogles will probably try to kill god

>be me
>making pasta
>there's only like 1/3 of the pack left
>fuck it i'll just throw what left in there, can't be that much
>oh fuck
>enough pasta to feed a fucking battalion

think what you like of jim carrey the man but The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (2001) was a tour de force and i defy you to @ me about it

reasons I can make fun of white people:
- I am white people
- Racism against white people isn't a thing
- You literally don't need a reason
- Anyone can make fun of white people at any time for any reason

Friendly reminder: I will fight you

:promoted: Promoted

So NekoPara is fully and uncencensored on Switch, but totally censored on on PS4. what bothers me is its rated E FOR EVERYONE on PS4.
look... I don't care how much godrays you put over naughty bits. a literal porn game should not be rated E.

the senate is bullshit and should be abolished, an entire house of the government is being held by 5-6 dudes who represent 17 citizens and 3 million cows

companies: sure is weird how millennials dont care for stable employment


companies: yep, they just hate having long term jobs. sigh. nothing to be done i guess

"Initial releases [of the Amiga UI engine] used blue, orange, white and black palettes. This was intentional […] Commodore tested output on the worst televisions they could find, with the goal of obtaining the best possible contrast under these worst-case conditions."

What if modern software would consider the "worst-case conditions," such as low-end/affordable hardware? Maybe that popular framework (no need to name) that you want to use actually makes it unusable for people on such hardware?

why y'all freaking out about WLinux now? thought they released it a while ago

[screams internally]
[screams externally]
[screams eternally]

making a minecraft mod that lets you grow garlic, the best food

15 years from now, every still-functional page on reddit will have `old.` in the url and nobody will remember why

i love this gif because i've seen it dozens of times and i don't know the context

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers