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fondly remembering the few weeks here where the early lockdown coincided with a foreign trade war and I was commuting on empty roads, for half the gas price, to a store where 60% of the clientele were gig economy shoppers with no emotional attachment to their shopping lists

might buy a guitar, learn to play nothing except the opening riff of the Friends theme, then sell my cursed guitar

whiffed on the term "thrift store" but I guess "clothes pantry" worked just as well

Anyone want to make an offer on a Hyrulean Eagle maille inlay? I have this just kind of laying around. That's a Nintendo DS Lite next to it for scale.

it would be so fucked up if any of the issues were complicated. good thing we don't have to ever deal with that

selinux stands for serial experiments linux

because i don't understand it

When the claim is brought up that the world has divided into "bubbles," that news is "too personalized," that conspiracy theories abound, that "truth is dead," it has to be asked, why is it that we're being asked implicitly to go back to a model whose heyday was that notoriously clear-headed, stable period known as the cold war?

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they're called cutscenes because they can safely be cut from any game that has them and it would be better for it

if an anime/manga about a subject you're interested in was described to you as "pretty good and not very pornographic at all", would you be more or less likely to watch/read it?

That firmware update really did a number on my microwave.

Shiinotic will even try to yank it out of its internal organs, which it hates.

radishes are a better vegetable than carrots. fight me.

anything that has a gender also has a taste, voltage and banana equivalent dose

whenever the humidity in here climbs too much, my keyboard switches get kinda sticky

but it's never the same goddamned switches

tonight it's spacebar :blobsad:

sometimes i think about how fucked the N64's controllers were

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers