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I would never recommend anyone on the fediverse read Bleach in tyool 2020 because it's like chauvinist as heck and stuff

but man, I am experiencing Some Feelings rereading Bleach for the first time since like 2005

it's kinda annoying when i show my friends h!p mvs and they only comment on the weird subs but i cant be mad about them when they make perfect shitposts

the new frying pan is Too Nonstick but at least it's Teflon instead of ceramic like the last one

eventually it'll get to the barelystick stage and I'll be able to cook eggs without throwing them all over the stove

what if nintendo added waluigi as a character in smash but every time you played as him, someone you don't know dies

the newspaper should not talk about celebrities, it should talk about what's really important: very large fruits and vegetables grown in local farms and gardens

4k is a fantastic illustration of how bad a lot of contemporary web design is because, like, a lot of sites have a STUPID amount of whitespace when you fullscreen your browser

i have been made aware of the best chrome extension and it's the one that replaces the youtube video progress bar with nyan cat

absolutely losing my fucking mind at this video from the wikipedia page for the physics engine "phyz"

does anyone have strong feelings about boot lace colors

polls like this are all the rage now so help me decide what to do

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trump thinks he's gonna ban tiktok tomorrow lmao

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers