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I would like to invite all the members of /r/the_donald 

To get fucked :getout:

new version of mastodon-bot is out with lots of new features, and it's now available directly via NPM:

npm install mastodon-bot

haha called it, Detroit PD just stated that their facial recognition software has a 96% false positive rate. all that shit about racial justice, nah, corps are phasing this tech out because it is straight up useless.

Cops are aggressively demonstrating what we already knew: they are absolutely incapable of being reformed. They're responding to the protests with violence and a bunker mentality. Abolish the pigs.

i think the coolest part of image descriptions is providing a clear explanation of what you’re trying to communicate with your image.

annoying increasingly common trend is trying to have the double standard that while sex work is work and we should support sex workers, of course anyone pathetic enough to actually hire a sex worker deserves to be looked down upon

the only time I ever heard someone use the voice chat in titanfall 2 was just now, when they said "is re:zero the one with the catboy? because that's gay and I'm interested. but you know what's not cool? racism."

very few games let you drop a giant robot on the heads of your enemies, and that is why Titanfall 2 is courageous

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers