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this is the kind of thing that happened *all the fucking time* any time the dev team did any kind of aesthetic tweaks to the website

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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

hell is just normal world but when you type in it takes u to twitter OOHHOOHOHOHO BLACK MIRROR

"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

Shout out to the person with a Iraq was veteran bumper sticker and a bts one right next to each other

analysts: bernie would ruin the economy!!

me, being crushed by unaffordable housing, medicine, and student debt: ok

@fluffy bookmarks don't notify the recipient

they're for your own records only

I just noticed that Mastodon added a separate 'bookmark' action on toots, I guess because 'like' has gotten to be pretty much meaningless at this point

so far we've gotten comebacks from gfriend, everglow, loona, rocket punch, and cherry bullet and we're going to get comebacks from iz*one, dreamcatcher, weki meki and now elris my heart cant take this

phone calls are just QTEs for your phone. quick don’t touch any buttons until it goes away!!! ok your safe

Fucking Bloomberg trying to get my vote with an unskippable youtube ad is freaking perfect. Nice job buddy.

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers