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Men: did you know you can say hi to a woman in public on the TL, you don't have to DM her as a complete stranger??
#itstrue #whatyoudoingbro

open for corvid 

I’m here to brighten your day.

no i cannot remember what you said 5 seconds ago but i do remember how i made you a little uncomfortable 3 years ago at a taco bell by saying something without thinking

I think I liked it better on here when we would just log in and talk about holes

ooh it's finally winter for real

I can tell because the moonlight reflecting off the snow outside made me panic and think it was already dawn

silver sonic 06 dub voice: i'm just so tired all the time

ever have a reference so engrained in your psyche that you can't even remember what you're referencing?, me neither

queendom sure, but maybe I should've been watching unpretty rapstar too

ohhh i'm an italian scientista! i violate-a your privacy!! oh!!

most of you probably aren't old enough to remember when wil wheaton was here

If my room doesn't look like a serial experiments lain frame, what the fuck is even the point

cursed pizza but it's a regular ass pizza that @hyperlink ordered from dominoes with the delivery instructions of "print the box art and the receipt in jokerman"

mastodon for me is best experienced with a feed flowing past in real time. it just doesn't feel right looking at a static feed and refreshing it to see new messages.

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers