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as I edit my list, the only rule I've really imposed on myself is "a group only gets one song in the top list"

which means I had to disqualify this perfectly good G-IDLE single, because they actually released TWO better MVs this year

nurse joyification

that's the real reason they all look alike

Anyone else feel totally alienated from the products of their labour? sound off in the comments below

that's not what gas lighting means that's not what gaslighting means that's not what gaslighting means


If you upset someone accidentally and then tell them they shouldn't be upset... that's not gaslighting!

If you lie to someone, that's not gaslighting!

If you tell someone it's their own fault that something bad happened, that's not gaslighting!

Please for the love of fuck stop calling every fucking thing gaslighting

youve heard of anime, now check out inanime, cartoons about rocks or some shit

I don't understand the baby yoda thing and I suspect it's for exactly the same reason I don't understand chihuahua owners

mastodon should implement @everyone like discord has

I hate when my apple trees die because they're no longer incentivized by capitalism to grow

why are all cheap wireless computer mice like the size of a single pea

I started building a personal 'top 10 kpop singles 2019' list for some reason, but since 'tis the season I've decided I'll probably just post one MV per day on

is this just a ploy to avoid eliminating two extra songs? yes

the real gender neutral title we'll all be addressed with by the end of the 2020s will be Customer

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers