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Honestly, the Fediverse does Twitter better than Twitter. You can find a home server with rules and policies you agree with, live there, and still have the ability to interact with users on other servers with vastly different rules and policies and personalities. One entity cannot entirely silence you here.

Me: is Walden even relevant these days? idk
Henry David Thoreau: I'm 30 years old and I have never gotten one word of useful advice from my elders

am I weak because it takes me two chugs to finish a pint of beer? maybe

is knzk broken or is everyone else broken. unfortunately, there's no way to tell

Outer Worlds question 

is there any way to get the markers for ALL active quests to show on the map?
I'm sick of tabbing between the journal and map toggling every single quest on the planet to see what's near me

i want to find whoever ordered this feature to be built and give them the peoples elbow

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email in your gmail account: "my dog just died"

gmail auto response suggestion: "nice!"

any other tech service: the service is undergoing "temporary maintenance," and will be closed for mysterious reasons

mastodon: sorry guys i need to change which outlet the laptop that runs this instance is plugged into, we'll be back in a bit

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers