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Gary1941 here and today I'm going to eat this vintage ham and cracker lunchable. Made in 1993, folks, can you believe it? please like and subscribe

all those youtube MRE guys out there as if you can't just buy lunchables at a grocery store

it's so fucking cool that half the work people do is literally useless and we're still told that we're not productive enough to deserve to live

I kinda wish election day was a holiday where we all went to our polling stations and had a potluck/planned direct action for the next year. Like national night out but even more civic?

i thought of a good post before, but forgot it. can someone remind me what it was?

not the best playlist on my google music account, but it's up there

In the Russian version of Super Mario Odyssey, the "You got a Moon!" message is localized as "Новая луна!", which translates to "New moon!", a pun on the moon phase of the same name. Although this pun works in many languages, the Russian version is the only one that uses it.

Being "smart" has mostly only made me sadder and I still can only work jobs that destroy my body so I unfortunately can't recommend the deep pursuit of knowledge under capitalism unless you got a solid xanax hookup or a marketable skill

the local school district has abandoned at least three perfectly good school buildings in the past five or so years in addition to the one that's already been standing empty for decades

I will have to wake up early tomorrow if I'd like to vote against them constructing a new high school

boomers saying we're being ageist as though we're doing it cauae theyre old and not cause theyre being entitled cunts about everything

boomers: haha when i was kid we rode in the back of the truck. we didnt need prissy seat belts. when i was a kid we didnt get participation trophies, we earned our rewards. kids these days are so soft
gen z exactly one time: ok boomer
boomers crying on the floor in a ball: HE HIT ME HELLLLLP

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers