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free speech was cool before it was a dogwhistle for bigotry

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the dragon quest slime is the plantonic ideal of any possible Being. the benevolent god-king of the realm of forms

That feeling where you think someone has left Masto but you can't figure out who.

Like,,,a solid 60-70% of the time I see a post about "vibes" I initially think it's about adult toys

the US government last night gave it's approval of a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. This area is home to kurdish people who have set up a democratic communalist system of self-government there. It is anti-patriarchal, ecological, socialist and multi-ethnic. This is literally one of the most promising front lines of #decolonial struggle. It is one of the front lines for #ClimateJustice. These are the folks that defeated IS. It is now thrown under the bus by the West.

important poll:

captain planet is...

I just saw a headline that referred to Belle Delphine as a "bathwater entrepreneur" and I wish I had a job title that cool

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in five years?

My brain: Chained to a dead god in a decaying orbit around Jupiter, laughing in my victory that is as complete as it is pyrrhic.

My mouth: Chained to a dead god in a decaying orbit around Jupiter, laughing in my victory tha-

God the comments saying Indivisible is too short at 30 fucking long do games have to be. At this point the only games that I'll put more than 30 hours into are ones by Yoko Taro, Dragon Quests, and multiplayer shit. Everything else is just overstaying its welcome.

Game devs. I promise you. The gamers are wrong. Your gameplay loop is not fun enough to hold up for 50+ hours.

It's only Kobe beef if the cows live in the Hyogo region of Japan. Otherwise it's called sparkling Wagyu.

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers