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my music taste and anime taste are very similar and can basically be summed up in the phrase "this is so fucking stupid, it's perfect. I love it"

fun debates:
is used bathwater brine
not fun debates:
please justify why minorities need human rights

Emblazoned beneath our family crest, our motto: “Please Do Not Teach Me, I Do Not Want To Learn”

Know the difference!

Acute angle: an angle less than 90°

A cute angel: the person readin this

why would I try to get good at anything when there's inevitably going to be people better than me? silly

Leave tusky good reviews and mark the 1 stars as unhelpful, the trolls are throwing a review bombing tantrum because tusky won't bend to let them have their way. It RULES that they can't have their way and are so pressed about it but not at tuskys expense.

Dwarf Fortress is a game where you play as the objective list in a game that someone else is playing.

That's your only control of the world. You have no physical form.

Well you see Mr. Sanders what you said about 3 people having more wealth than the entire bottom half of the U.S. was incorrect because the bottom half, once you take debt into account, actually has no wealth at all. Thus rendering your entire comparison meaningless.

walking into a hobby lobby for small tubes of very strong glues and getting instantly vaporized by the aura of Christ

Kilometers away because holy fuck they're a huge pain in the ass

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers