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microsoft announces all xboxes and all games are free now, nobody cares

after watching Chernobyl on HBO, i gotta say one of the biggest mistakes made in that whole situation was allowing the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to explode

the sword and shield dogs look dumb as hell sorry

Very normal space shuttle landing. nothing to see here, comrade

augh my octoprint raspi fell off the network somehow

this is a problem for tomorrow

something in my router's wifi stack decided to give up, but it's the first weekend of my teen brother's summer vacation, so my parents were completely onboard with my "I fuckin hate this router anyway so let's just replace it instead of troubleshooting" attitude

friendship ended with ASUS, now TPLINK is my best friend

uspol I guess, washington post 

everyone older than me is a boomer and everyone younger than me is a zoomer

steam could really use a "why the hell do I own this game? where did it come from?" button

@gayalien "Good evening, Clarice. Did you know that affordable healthcare is bad actually?"

conservatives shouldn't have #FreeSpeech imo... we should put the muzzle on them like Hannibal Lecter

pleased to announce the results of my experiment 'can you send a dm to no one?' the answer is yes

A tip: when submitting a report, include more information than "this is <person>". No matter how infamous you think <person> is, if you make the admin on the other end do the work of figuring out who they are and why that's supposed to be bad, they're FAR more likely to just say "okay, and?" and mark the report resolved. (Especially since reports to other instances are anonymized, so the admin can't ask you follow-up questions!)

started a spreadsheet this morning to track all my unfinished/ongoing projects but it's getting way too complex already so I guess I need to add an entry for "find actual project management software" :oh_no:

i'm watching a video that called j k rowling 'the elon musk of children's literature' and i'm still not sure which direction the burn goes.

“haha i just thought of a really funny toot where the cw is the set up and the content is the punchline”

no. stop. step away from your keyboard and come back when you feel better

that feature matters and it prepares people for the content. even a “pleasant” subversion is still fucking us over

don’t use cws to mislead

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers