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I'll frequently spend an hour ground-up recreating someone else's object because I thought of a minor tweak that'll make it print a tiny bit better or faster

in case you've ever been curious about the mindset, I'm gonna share, with you, the fact that I just spent two minutes tweaking my settings so I could save 40 seconds on a 35ish-minute-print

Polygon and the Verge are both Vox Media outlets. Vox workers are currently attempting to unionize and they've just announced a work stoppage. Don't support Vox until the union gets their contract and their demands or met. That means if you support BDG and Pat and all yr other polygon crushes then you won't go watching their polygon vids until Vox Union announces their victory

Me: i'm kind of stressed, maybe i should log off for a while? Get off the phone for a bit?

Me: *logs off*

Me: i'm incredibly bored and miserable. i wonder what's going on on line?

Me: *logs on*

Me: i'm kind of stressed, maybe i should-

google could have avoided this mistake by emulating sony instead of microsoft and putting random glyphs on the buttons

lmao google put the AB/XY buttons on the stadia controller in reverse order

there are already plenty of reasons not to support this shit, but on top of all those I'm definitely not interested in reversing my muscle memory *again*

ikea assembly status: I have a six-foot-tall pile of tables now. a "lack stack", as it were

also I only drank 4 beers but one was a tall can

time to crack open 6 consecutive beers and assemble some ikea furniture

if one were to go to jupiter their entire body, including the brain, would be crushed from the powerful gravity, which, in a way, is a form of getting more stupider

after evading detection by living for years under an assumed identity, io was finally caught by authorities after spending 6 hours at the laundromat folding a single fitted sheet

"no one else could possibly be so bad at this," the chief of police said at a press conference yesterday. "we knew immediately that it was him"

io faces 69 years in prison on charges of posting in the first degree

hello hello welcome new users and old users just arriving, tonight's memes are:
- inserting the Muppets into other movie titles
- NOT joining ISIS

Godzilla is not a dragon: an essay

god herself told me she hates rational debate and would much prefer we douse ppl who want to take away our most basic needs for survival with rainbow colored paint

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers