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this week in me buying shit I don't need:
at @jeff 's insistence, I've purchased an industrial prototyping board in order to play Wario's Woods at the highest possible fidelity

yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

anything on the road that prevents me from going a steady 75 mph is my mortal enemy

climbing into a mech and cursing my nemesis, who is also my long lost brother. my boobs bounce angrily.

it's me I'm a gay using windmills to waft homosexual mists into your home

A developer next to the many HDDs needed to store the folder node_modules of her Hello World application.

Meta-poll: Which letter do you think will win in the Favorite Letter poll?

thinking about my horrible gadgets that barely work and make me miserable when they do. i think technology will save the world

what if the real prison is mastodon and dispite all are our rage we all just awoos on a page

name brand cereal is a scam! the off brand shit tastes the exact same


interior crocodile alligator; i drive a chevrolet movie theater

I wanted to find that video of that fight in the waffle house where the employee straight up lobs a cart at a dude but there are so many waffle house fight videos.

EU falsely calls Internet Archive's major collection pages, scholarly articles, and copies of US government publications "terrorism" and demands they be taken down from the internet:
(see also

The EU is about to vote to require terrorism takedowns to happen within an hour, and these requests are coming on European times when all Internet Archive employees (in California) are asleep, making manual review of these bad takedowns difficult.

with a sample of colorfabb ngen - the recommended bed temperature is 80C, which is insane, so I put my bed at 70C and I've still got some brutal elephants foot

It's kinda pretty, though

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers