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there was a box of boston creme donuts on the counter so I ate one and spoiled my dinner.

it wasn't even good, it was extremely nutmeggy

strange work anecdote thing 

no one:

me: "biceps" is actually singular. the plural is "bicepss" but its just like apt get install elixir git clone pleroma make install
I always feel bad for those named Kaylee, or Kayleigh, or Kailey, or Kaylie, or Cayley, or Kaleigh, or Kailee, or Kaley, or Kayley, or Caleigh, or Keily, or Cayleigh, or Kayli, or Cailey, or Kaily, or Kayle, or Kaileigh, or Kaili, or Kaylei, or Keylee, or Kalie, or Kaylea, or Keyli, or Calie, or Cailee, or Kalee, or Caylie, or Caileigh, or Kaeli, or Kalei, or Kailea, or Kaeleigh, or Caylie, or Kaelee, or Caley, or Kailie, or Kaeley, or Kailei, or Keiley, or Keilly, or Kaely, or Keyleigh, or Keilee, or Keili, or Calee, or Kaelie, or Cayley, or Kayly, or Keileigh, or Keylie, or Keyly, or Kayelee, or Kaile, or Caeli, or Kayliegh, or Caeley, or Kaliegh, or Caylei, or Khaylee, or Caeleigh, or Kayliee, or Khailee, or Khailey, or Cayli, or Cailie, or Keyle, or Keylli, or Kayeleigh, or Kaelly, or Caelie, or Caliegh, or Caelee, or Keylly, or Caily, or Kailly, or Keighley.

My heart goes out to them. You have my sympathy. May you one day meet someone who doesn't ask you how to spell your name.
social networks suck so I guess fedi isn't a social network

I like to think I'm up on politics but I can probably name more famous internet cats than members of congress

whao, a dick that’s so big it warps bathroom tiles in the photos background

i'm intrigued by star trek computers

1. they always work as intended
2. if there *is* a problem with them, they violently explode
3. they are entirely maintained by a lone unlucky, angry, irish engineer

Sometimes you find a rolled-up bit of tinfoil acting as a fuse, but some previous tech put some FINESSE into doing the Wrong Thing

sometimes I hear a certain part of a song and it leaves me with a much better song stuck in my head

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers