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Look you can have universal healthcare or you can have this

Hung a thing on the wall and the cat has decided it's his new lord and master

Actually, Young Frankenstein is the name of the doctor. The monsters name is Young Sheldon.

me (accepting academy award): thank you, would anyone in the audience like an ebooks bot

why do butterfingers taste like fake movie theatre popcorn butter

bulma found an ancient windows server in an ocean-floor bunker

DSS 36 carrier lock on Opportunity
Frequency: 8.435GHz
Signal strength: -151dBm

thinking of becoming one of those guys on here whose bio is a list of JavaScript libraries they use and all they post about is bitcoin and funny typos they saw on github

when someone criticizes you, and you scream "free speech", youre saying that literally the best argument in favor of what you're saying is that you're allowed to say it

be sure to reset your clocks because of stupid daylight savings time

also be sure to demand your politicians get rid of this crap.

THUG 2 was released more than 14 years ago, which makes Crayola Scoot legitimately the best Tony Hawk game released in the past decade

if a baby duck is called a duckling, then what is a regular duck called

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers