the first season of every sitcom is usually pretty cringe. this is famously true of parks and rec but did you know in the first season of brooklyn 99, all the characters are cops?

New York Times: Trump considered selling Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, former acting Homeland Security chief says

Wow. No fucking words.

I ate a proper meal last night and made sure to go to bed on time and now I feel pretty decent this morning. Coincidence, probably

is there anything that the US *can't* turn into a culture war wedge issue?

tik tok showed us kelly anne conways daughter is a leftist so for that im grateful

dark joke 

America was a long term plan to ensure that England still looks somewhat reasonable no matter what daft shit we do.


got followed by someone from here posting covid conspiracy theories and other painfully white bullshit but more importantly it's a gab instance run by an admin who thinks it's funny to have "nazi? | stop labelling people who you don't agree with" in the profile and also posts crying about getting deplatformed

Kinda tempted to buy a bunch of watches and link them into a belt.
But what a waste of time that would be.

normies be like
>it's okay if the government spies on me bc I have nothing to hide :)

That considered, piracy is only fair trade. I talk about your product in public, I draw fanarts, write fanfictions, compose music for your product? In exchange, I won't pay shit for having it.

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fandom is the tool through which studios and publishers save marketing money by making their audience work for free

me, writing post: it's absolutely obscene to have 500 character limits lmao
me, reading posts: u think i'm gonna read something longer than 6 words lmao. fucking fools

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers