sure south park is like libertarian dipshit fuel but the real reason it is bad is because it is a poorly made show that is unfunny and bad on all fronts, just dislike shit, dont make everything about socialism

the only thing more incomprehensible than audio science is audio pseudoscience

bro you couldn’t make an appealing design for a fucking anthropomorphic CAT? the furry community is RIGHT HERE bro

if you're not watching machikado mazoku this season you've made a horrible mistake

when they try to call you into work on your day off

@sonotoridesu for sure, and looks to be gone now.
I keep seeing people refer to "kiwifarms domains" in plural so I'm assuming there are more 🤷

holy shit that trailer looks bad

you know the one

what's the full list of kiwifarms instances, anyway? I'm sure I've missed a couple

Users: thanks for continuing to report spambots

Admins: no thanks for keeping registrations open and subjecting other instances to this

if you're wondering if spending $25 on a used ThinkPad docking station is worth it: yes, it is.

we dont need money. we could just get rid of it

@espectalll it's slow, buggy, doesn't implement latest standards, and nobody designs for it anymore

the only reason to use firefox anymore is ideological reasons, but the user gains nothing, only loses things, by using firefox, save like 2 novel features chrome doesn't have.

the second browser war is over, firefox lost, and it's clinging to relevance.

[puts this hat on forwards, then backwards, then forwards again]

Elon Musk: Within 2 years I will create seamless holograms of Chris Farley engaging in hand to hand combat with John Belushi

Me: This doesn't seem all that valuable

Elon Musk Fans: At least he's doing *something*, what are you adding to the world?

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers