@hj usb drive will be discontinued after initial 250-unit production run

no fun allowed 

my brain keeps refusing to retain the concept for clone high so every time someone mentions it, I have to look it up again and it's newly stupid as fuck

I've only listened to everglow's LA DI DA a couple times but all I need to do is see the title and I get the chorus stuck in my head

in my experience with that's the mark of either a good song or cherry bullet - hands up

semiconductor companies can't cook. all they know is cause disaster, hide the datasheet, bicker over intellectual property, sell hot chip & lie

@a_lizard I just checked the tl for the first time in hours and this is the first post I see? I'm leaving

Hot social media take 

Never trust a man who makes his profile pic a silhouette of his beard. :thonking:

SOFT’s instantaneous anxiety-b-gone spell! 

1) pay more attention to your surroundings than your thoughts - visuals and sounds

2) BREATHE! if you stop breathing you WILL panic!

3) dig your heels into the ground. feel your weight.

4) relax. everything will be okay.

5) i know making eye contact is scary but if you can do all of the above and calmly make eye contact i promise it will be more friendly and charming than you expect.

tiktok got that damn blackpink x selena gomez song stuck in my head

@kingu_platypus_gidora so they've sold over 5 million units of VR hardware they don't understand or believe in?

i think occasionally about how jontron just kinda outed himself as a racist mother fucker and a lot of (white) people just kinda forgot about it

dear president xi,

i am a real 6 year old american girl. the regime here kills its own people and won't allow us free expression or fair elections. please nuke washington dc

me: this software isn't that good

fossbros: i see you don't have a high enough iq to understand how to use this software. i will now explain to you what a computer is [1/98]

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fossbros: this software is free to use by anyone :)

me: so how do you use it

fossbros: got o hell

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers