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Finished SSD brackets (with bricked momentus for fit testing). Nobody sells an 80mm fan -> 2.5" disk adapter for some reason, so this wouldn't be possible without

less than an hour until the cali/seattle folks start claiming it's finally 2019, but the rest of us know the truth

spent way too long making this loop decently. no idea why

if you consider power to be the ratio of "strength" versus "amount of calories consumed", saiyans aren't actually any more powerful than humans

idk why I took such a break from my dragonball rewatch, this shit's great

I will gladly install any malware that nukes the onedrive ads

I've spent the past 11 hours waiting for titanfall 2 to finish downloading. it only had a few gigs to go, but origin's servers never once broke ~150kB/s, spending most of the time around 64kB/s.

It finally finished downloading a few minutes ago.

watching dvdrips of a shoddily remastered 80s cartoon on my fancy new 1440p gaming monitor

bulma found an ancient windows server in an ocean-floor bunker

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers