I don't really like the humor or aesthetic of the Tropico games but occasionally they do make me snicker

I didn't expect this to be good, but they used the magic words ("dark lager") so I had to try some

it's good

I couldn't just buy this flavor, I had to get a 12-flavor variety pack
the pack has a lot of good shit in it, but still... I'd buy a 4pack of these

not the best playlist on my google music account, but it's up there

these trends were a waste of space even when I still used twitter daily, but whenever I notice them these days they're a straight trainwreck

hadn't played dead cells in like a year so I started a new savegame

first run, got further than I'd ever been before - eventually died in the fight against the king's hand or w/e

spoilers for choyoyu (an anime you're not going to watch), regicide 

Crusader Kings 2 has a lot of new random events since the last time I played it. Some of them even pay off, years later

anyway I just put my duchy's coffers in the red so I could pay for a cat funeral

obv they could be doing more, but this is more than I expected from Amazon in the first place.

it's almost 0.1% of jeffy b's net worth!

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers