bulma found an ancient windows server in an ocean-floor bunker

pour one out for windows 7, the last good OS

no fucking thanks, sega. who the hell is this for?

dunno what I'll ever use this for, but I had to clip it


need a toot with an image so I can test something

I've never related more with a cartoon character (minor spoilers for a 30 year old anime)

Finished my DBZ Kai rewatch the other day. Going back to Dragon Ball instead of moving on to DB GT was the correct move, I think

being forced to open that bag of chips incorrectly earlier reminded me of this very specific screenshot folder

"easy open notch" wtf that's not how you open a bag of chips

I'm watching the buu saga of DBZ for the first time and what the fuck

oh man, steam finally addressed my top complaint for the past 5 years

that's... not an incorrect way to wear a hairnet


still trying to get the blackjack and hookers