the only thing more incomprehensible than audio science is audio pseudoscience

if you're not watching machikado mazoku this season you've made a horrible mistake

when they try to call you into work on your day off

it's a stupid article but I'm too busy giggling at the wrap point

bought a spool of good cat-6, so I'll need a way to tell all the black patch cables apart

at the limit of my machine's configuration, which is why these look like shit, but they work

turning my car into a shitpost, kpop 

lmao google put the AB/XY buttons on the stadia controller in reverse order

there are already plenty of reasons not to support this shit, but on top of all those I'm definitely not interested in reversing my muscle memory *again*

the studio probably used this scene in a trailer but I'm gonna use this scene to illustrate why you should not watch the assassins creed movie

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers