this might look ratchet as shit but it has lowered my CPU temp by 10C while playing HD video

checked amazon to see if a legit extension cord with this end configuration exists, and am pleasantly(?) surprised to find out it does not

thanks epic, I would love to solve 60 mazes every time I want access to the fucking video games I paid for


fine, I'll be the eleven year old /heterosexual/ queen of ireland

wanikani just shut off their V1 API and now the good app is dead forever :ablobsadrain:

animal abuse mention (barely), gamers 

maybe I should take an internet sabbatical, it's been a while

damn, it does not look like I will be playing Tony Hawk's Warehouse Demo tonight

I purged the last of my beloved Mad Maker PLA+ at the beginning of this print

transitioned to Zyltech's brown PLA which is A LOT less opaque

I've generally been satisfied with zyltech (and it prints great), but yeesh

I can't articulate why I hate arkose captchas so much more than literally every other kind, but I do

I don't understand why browsers do this???

that space you freed wasn't being used for anything???

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers