my kingdom for a pencil that writes well /and/ has a usable eraser

what's on my mind? I'll tell you what's on my mind, mastodon input box placeholder text.

it's beans.

replaced the teflon skates on my worse mouse :toot:

yeah I have two identical mice on my desk, what of it?

king piccolo out here spoiling his appetite for dinner

I've spent far too much time over my life, trying to figure out why people love Akira so much. Like, anime nerds with an eye towards the past? Sure. It's a reasonably well-produced anime film from a time when those were more rare. But this jackoff?

I don't think this is correct but I'll take it under advisement I guess

sometimes I hear a certain part of a song and it leaves me with a much better song stuck in my head

winter has never ended on february 2nd, ever, but there's still an alarming level of groundhog content on wikipedia

I printed a 118dB survival whistle. luckily, it doesn't work.

skipped a couple seasons but I'm diving straight back into new anime

Love these breweries who apparently can't make a decent lager so they just write three paragraphs about their unique blend of hops on the side of the can.

If they'd at least put the IBU number on the front of the box I would have known to avoid this fucking swill :yeet:

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers