the trash weapons you grind out to build your smithing skill in bannerlord will just disappear into the global market if you sell them, so sometimes you go to a city and

listening to podcasts and @mdszy caused me to think about mixers so I drew a very shitty map of my audio setup

hollywood live action gunnm movie 

suddenly she's charismatic

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hollywood live action gunnm movie 

paused the movie for a bit because I had to capture this absolutely masterful piece of filmmaking

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tidied my animal crossing flowerbeds, cleaned up this room, enjoyed anime a lot, had a very bad run of beat saber,
only one way to close this day out:

the steam sale's gimmick is stickers for the chat system nobody uses

how many gamers out there are livid about these calarts style geralt emotes

ended up solving my own problem: this'll make emoji in toots (but NOT display names) appear at 2x default scale

regular users can do the same thing in stylus, just gotta add !important a couple times

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probably the most expensive live filament transition I've ever done, protopasta carbon fiber PLA -> protopasta rustable magnetic iron PLA

I've had this phone for exactly one year and I finally found the camera app's macro mode

I'm watching the lupin III CG movie and let me assure you they have captured the spirit of the franchise

surface quality's about as good as I could expect

(also the top side is perfectly usable but who cares)

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers