obv they could be doing more, but this is more than I expected from Amazon in the first place.

it's almost 0.1% of jeffy b's net worth!

in other "lol I'm mad" news:
bruce dickinson's a cool dude in several contexts but his taste in beer fuckin sucks

what the fuck

9am PST is 16 hours into september 20th

you can't say your game's being released on a day and then hold it for 75% of that day. that's disingenuous as hell

yes I'm an entitled gamer hello

also words have meanings

I generally hate OS updates (they just break the features I use in favor of capitalist trash) but my phone's got android 10 now and not only is there a systemwide dark mode option, but they un-removed the app switcher button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could never delete my twitter profile or there'd be no way to get weirdly overcompressed jpeg files off my switch

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers