I would never recommend anyone on the fediverse read Bleach in tyool 2020 because it's like chauvinist as heck and stuff

but man, I am experiencing Some Feelings rereading Bleach for the first time since like 2005

@proto i am rereading because i only owned up through volume 11 as a teen

@georgespolitzer yeah I only read up to, I dunno, something about a king of somewhere and 4chan going really hard on mocking the series for having no backgrounds

I'd like to finish it this time around but my reading habits are a lot worse so we'll see

@proto i guess the last arc is really bad that most fans didn't mind the anime didn't adapt it, but, i am going to read the whole thing nonetheless

@georgespolitzer I misunderstood the recent anime announcement as a full reboot and I'm actually super bummed now that they've clarified "nah we're just going to animate the final arc"

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers