thinking about how different my habits and hobbies might be if I had my own house/yard I could fuck around with w/impunity

@proto it's such a game changer to be able to say "I hate that wall. I'm going to tear it out / have it torn out" or whatever's bugging you. Want a neon orange bathroom? Fucking go for it. Want to go pure white ultra minimal? No one's stopping you.
@proto or perhaps more to the point "I would like this to be the room for this hobby so I'm going to do the floor different and put more insulation in the walls and install ceiling lights etc etc"

@sungo I live with my family and the layout of this house is more or less fine (honestly I think I have a better bedroom than the master) but if it were my choice I would IMMEDIATELY tear out a bunch of floors and also plant like 15 trees in the side yard and start planning a garden and thinking about wind power

@proto yup. I own a house not because of hogwash about the american dream but because I can do that sort of shit and no one, save my current HOA, can stop me.
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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers