I'm running an irc bot that specifically has "ben lubar" blacklisted in one of the scripts

just thought I'd throw that out there @ben

@ben it's running a generic URL title fetcher and a fedi-specific toot(or similar) reader and you customised your instance's titles so they don't hit the generic filter that tells the title script to go away

@proto what? I didn't modify anything like that

@ben here's the titlebar if I look at that toot directly. a lot of instances just have 'mastodon' or something after that hyphen

@ben my string is also unique so I assume it's default behavior and all the instances with generic titles are outdated or something ┐('~`;)┌

@proto they really should not be doing that via titles

if they want to know which things are activitypub why not just ask the server for activitypub

@ben that's why I'm deactivating that particular script if I can detect a site is a fediverse instance

it doesn't directly communicate with the proper fedi-fetching script because I'm not a clever man, so all I can really do is blacklist known instances when I notice it's double-responding to those urls

"eventually I'll rewrite that script" - me, every few weeks since 2012 or so

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