I can't figure out what started this current wave of new artists joining the fediverse

welcome, new artists joining the fediverse! please tag your porn

@proto it started because of twitter basically fucking over artists in multiple ways like changing the algorithm so comments on art are more valued than rts, previews on the web redesign are usually pretty bad, and some artists are being shadowbanned for self rting (though ive heard that called false)

@melodicake oh ok.

the new twitter website is some of the worst design I've ever seen in my life, and that includes UIs I made myself. I could understand this being the breaking point if I hadn't already stopped using twitter

@proto yeah the redesign pissed off a lot of artists so a lot are moving, problem is there isnt really a good art site out there. da and newgrounds have gross stuff on them so ppl are moving to mastodon which is pretty rad imo

@melodicake I actually just loaded DA for the first time in months, to see if it'd gone down or something

nope but it looks like Dark Pinterest now

@proto oh right thats deviantart eclipse, they still have the old green ui but i think eclipse is the default for new users lol

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers