aw are those multi-selection polls purely a thing? maybe I should try installing it again, 1.0 looks a bit more idiotproof

I'm being informed that multi-polls are purely a "not vanilla mastodon" thing

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@proto glitchsoc has them

@proto yup! it is easier to set up now i think--i used this guide:

i imagine the newer releases are even easier but i haven't tried them :ablobthinking:
@proto I mean I got pleroma running way before this version, and Im a pretty big dummie. So you shouldnt have any problems

@igeljaeger I got an instance set up but gave up trying to get functional media uploading (including changing my avatar/banner)

I'm probably gonna wipe that VPS and start fresh, it's a debian instance I've had going for 4+ years

@proto @igeljaeger i remember when i more recently set it up i had to create the media folder myself :blobidea:
@karolat @proto the heck? I didnt have to do that and Ive been runnign this thing for a while now
@proto they are in vanilla mastodon as well, click on one of the circles to make it multi-selection
@ben @proto yeah, I haven't figured it was there before looking at the PR that introduced it. according to garg they are not important enough to make them discoverable

@rin @ben it's hard to consider something an "easter egg" when it's something you've been seeing other users doing for weeks already

@rin @proto imagine if bold text in Microsoft Word was an "easter-egg"

everyone who wanted it wouldn't think it existed and everyone who turned it on by accident would think font rendering fucked up

@ben this is basically how bold text works in most IRC clients :awesome_rotate:

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