Love these breweries who apparently can't make a decent lager so they just write three paragraphs about their unique blend of hops on the side of the can.

If they'd at least put the IBU number on the front of the box I would have known to avoid this fucking swill :yeet:

@proto i really hate the 'tropic, and citrus' trend right now
@alphakamp @proto looks better than some of the beer i've had recently. tropic citrus trend sounds tasty rn
@tsu @proto bitter for me, im gonna go grab some 100% cocoa rn
@alphakamp @proto i hear ya, i wouldn't pass that up. i don't think i've had any cocoa brewed beers before, but i'd love to try it

@tsu @alphakamp I've loved some chocolate stouts. Most of those are pre-christmas seasonal though, it seems

@proto @tsu breweries around me are putting spicy things in stouts, including habenero. do not like
@alphakamp habenero isn't bad in an IPA or DIPA if it's done right but just thinking of it in a stout is kind of gross. @proto @tsu
@dude @alphakamp @proto i've had deserts with spicy peppers before, when i did the foodie thing. and it can be used quite well with icecreame or gelato. so if it's done right, maybe it would be good
@tsu agreed. Breweries go overboard with a lot of their recipes eg most of the breweries here in Maryland make something with Old Bay in it and it's all pretty foul. @alphakamp @proto
@proto sooner or later someone has to get it right. I put Old Bay on just about everything (it's great on popcorn for mac & cheese) but I've yet to find a beer it's good in
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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers