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Lupin III is the Scooby Doo of anime.

I will not be taking questions at this time.

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I've never related more with a cartoon character (minor spoilers for a 30 year old anime)

i think about this a lot, specifically in conjunction with dirt

i refuse to actually ever post an introduction. instead, i will simply appear in your life one day, and act like i've always been a part of it, and you won't question it

I've never understood how anime fans in the Anglosphere can be right wing while, for the most part, benefiting from - and in many cases actively participating in - largely ad hoc, grassroots-led mutual aid & collective labour in the form of fan translations, fansubs/scans, filesharing etc

i dont need therapy i just need a little gnome who will sit in my pocket and reassure me that making mistakes isnt the end of the world

When on PC/Mac do you browse the web with a windowed or maximized / full screen browser?

🖥️ :blobthinking:

I was kinda planning to post the kpop videos with some sort of insightful analysis or something but since I don't know shit about music or feelings, not likely to happen in any meaningful way

also I've kinda actively avoided learning anything about recent kpop groups because then I'd just be madder when their labels inevitably drop them

so anyway, day 12:

Blackpink's 'Kill This Love'.
I didn't really like this one compared to their previous singles but it's grown on me all year. I still hate the video though

a really-substantial portion of anti-sports sentiment is a traumatic response to the forms of gender violence and gendered judgment that are delivered most directly through childhood sports and physical education.

another substantial portion is a traumatic response to having your body destroyed by unsafe sports and getting dropped like a hot potato by your life's dream and the people you spent the most time with.

another substantial portion, at least in the U.S., is resentment that your education was drastically underfunded and stripped of all creative programs in favor of funding sports programs and building sports facilities.

there's nothing wrong with enjoying sports! your hobby is fine. but please try to keep a little bit of perspective, and bear criticism of sports — even inane or over-vehement — with magnanimity. not everyone *gets* to have any positive association with sports at all.

Epic Games Store's one year of free games is ending soon. They started giving away games on December 28, 2018.

Epic recently announced they would be doing 12 days of free games which would mean one free game from December 19 to January 1

if you could immediately erase one, but only one, useless industry of capitalist leeches from existence, which would you pick

hello everyone, I'm the lead guitarist for popular band "Car Seat Headrest", Karsy Tedresste

either you decommodify survival or you accept that your economic practices will kill people

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers