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Lupin III is the Scooby Doo of anime.

I will not be taking questions at this time.

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I've never related more with a cartoon character (minor spoilers for a 30 year old anime)

Haha, :birdsite: now prohibits posting tweets containing a hashsum (tested with sha256) as a mitigation against yesterday's Bitcoin scam.

They're really tackling the source of the problem, without any collateral damage. :thisisfine:

**U.S. Army Esports Team May Have Violated the First Amendment on Twitch**

"Two civil rights lawyers say that the U.S. Army may have violated the constitution when it banned Twitch viewers for asking questions about American war crimes."

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things that are thrilling
* roller coasters
* going places you don't speak the language
* calling the video format "MPREG" and seeing who notices
* meeting a new cat

flashback to that time my parents were like “we haven’t faced a medical crisis like this since 1918!!” and i was like “uhhhh AIDS”

@garfiald been told im a bad jew before cos i hate israel. no bitch, im a bad jew cos i eat hot dogs sometimes

The United States exists purely as a force of evil in this world, it started as a genocidal settler colonial project and it continues as a settler colonial project.

Israel is the same. The plans were laid for it long before it came to exist and its existence is inherently settler and genocidal.

Both must be destroyed. Fighting for their reform and not their utter in existence is fighting to support and strengthen oppression and genocide.

Tend Your Garden… Again

In the early 1940s, several countries saw an incredible shift in agriculture. What were called “victory gardens” were being planted en masse by people from all walks of life, encouraged by various national governments around …

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lmao someone has a bot running on twitter which looks for bitcoin addresses and automatically sends them money to advertise an alternative cryptocurrency

the year is 2020. there are no good laptops, nor good phones.

literally all arguments against abolishing the police that ive seen are based on the incorrect assumption that the police do their job well

Sheldon cooper existing has been a plague upon autistic people

if i could thanos snap something out of existence it would be sheldon cooper

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If you joke about a fetish long enough, you’ll end up having it

"oh, you were probably only hired because you're cis, white and male. You better be ready to actually work for that position because you're not gonna get a pass like that again in a meritocracy"

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hitting back at the white boys in tech by calling them hegemony hires

working on an orchestral version of the SimCity SNES soundtrack because why the heck not

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still trying to get the blackjack and hookers